Saturday, January 4, 2014

Root: Day 4

Just Keep Painting
(photo from Studio at Alfred University
 School of Art & Design 1999)
~photo by Michael Cady of MC Studio & Gallery
Wellsville, NY 
Morning of Day 5 ~still reflecting about Day 4 

Root: Day 4 prompts lead me to thinking about the boundaries that we set for ourselves and the ones that we don't. It is a delicate balance to maintain enough structure to be productive without painting ourselves into a corner and feeling trapped there.

"Have your sanctified boundaries become insurmountable limitations?" Is a question I have been asking myself since 2009. Working through today's questions lead me back to that idea because lately it is my inability to stick to a specific schedule that gets in my way the most. I work from home most of the time and domestic responsibilities and interruptions are frequent distractions that threaten my daily focus.

Using social media for business purposes is also another area that needs some self-imposed boundaries. There have only been a handful of times that I get online to do business and get right back to the studio. I need to get better about sticking to a purposeful intention when I am using social media during "business" obligations. Although it can be quite a distraction at times, the internet is often my only connection to the outside world. For me, social media is like the input I used to get from coworkers. I find inspiration there as often as distraction. Eliminating it completely would be a great set back.

Contemplating boundaries leads to the real issue here...BALANCE.  A balance of time and purpose is key to having enough resources to be creative in a manner that satisfies my own artistic goals. Without balance it is unlikely that I will be able to explore my own potential and the potential of the materials at hand.
Cory Huff, at the Abundant Artist also talks about the concepts of balance in the business of art in his recent post about  focus. I need the financial support of the business aspect of things in order to afford to paint the way that feeds my soul.
I have a strong desire to attend the residency at The Golden Foundation for The Arts but have realized that my own studio setting is very similar to the one that is provided there...the HUGE difference there is the access to professionals with knowledge of the materials and the opportunity to work in with another group of artists. I am certain that environment would stop the stagnation that is happening in my painting here.
Since I am unable to attend the residency, I am beginning to think that it would be in my best interest to work in my studio AS IF I were actually there....Explore the media the way that I did when I was working toward my BFA, working three jobs, and raising three kids.

Now that I know what I need to do to Reasonably Accommodate spinal adhesive arachnoiditis as it affects ME, there really are NO more excuses NOT to explore PAINT and other media as much as possible.

Well...except for that MONEY, thing.

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