Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 17 Root: 30 Day Journal Project

The visual portion of the way I processed the prompts today.
As a participant in this project I receive email prompts and food for thought from Lisa in my email every morning. It usually starts with an inspiration point or quote and builds from there. 
I write these down and think about them throughout the day...If I have time and the muses are with me, sometimes I respond to them as I write them down. After I have finished my "work", this could take five minutes...could take an hour...or more; then, I visit the daily link on the 30 day journal page.(Today's link: Meaning Shifts) Then I do my blog post with the links to Lisa's page at the end of this process to share what I have gleaned from the experience. 
Participants are under no obligation to share their discoveries but they can if they want to. Chiming in once in while just about the process, or materials, or with questions you have about any of these things; helps Lisa keep track of how many people are involved and actively participating.  There is a "private" group (Over 2,000 people are participating. So, I use this term loosely.) on facebook if you would like to join them, too. The info for that is sent with your first email.

 There is a great deal of the process that I leave out because this is a personal journey but I try to share some of the elements that I feel might have a sort of universal context. 
Lisa is accepting new participants every day. Your day 1 begins the day that you register.
Here is one sample (from today)of the way the journal prompts come in from:
 Day 17 
Today's Inspiration:
The meaning I picked, the one that changed my life: Overcome fear, behold wonder.
- Richard Bach said that
Today's Journal Prompts: (do one, some, all, or none, as you wish)
Think about something in your creative life that bugs you.
The thing that is bugging me about my creative life is:
The meaning I am attaching to this issue is:
What is a new meaning you could pick, that feels good? Something to try on, even just for today?
My new, feel good meaning is:
Another way:
Play fill-in-the-blank.
It might change my life if I chose a new meaning, like:
Overcome _____________ (fill in the blank), behold _______________  (fill in the blank).
Of course, you can always find your own words for overcome, and behold. Pick, choose. Mix, match.
Make your own recipe for meaning. These ingredients will get you started.

I hope you can join us!!!

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