Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Beginning 2014

"The New Year"
A concept of hope, promise, potential, renewal, forgiveness, and compensation expressed in three small but significant words.
With all these possibilities hovering on the horizon the challenge is choosing a path...
Where to begin???
Why not at the beginning?

Day 1 of the New Year starts with:

The 30 Day Journal Project, a sketch book journal activity with Lisa Sonora Beam, that I have selected as a means to reveal my desired path. 2013 closed an arduous year of rigorous activity but it was also the closing of a three-year project designed to rehabilitate as much as express a determined focus on the process of healing physically,emotionally, and financially from a medical injury. The projects which made up that series were the impetus for acceptance and adaptation to daunting circumstances.

It has been shared and seen in its entirety.

I have no desire to continue to dwell in that place.

Every wake-up brings with it the knowledge that I am alive. Sometimes the routine of the day, or trials and cumulative challenges distract us from the realization that every new day is an opportunity to move forward into new discoveries with the tools and skills we have developed so far. I often forget that EVERY morning is a fresh start. It is a new canvas to do with as I please. The choices I make, the new tools I discover, and the skills I am willing to learn will determine the end result.

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