Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 25


Day 25 Creativity, Travel, Courage

Thought provoking prompts today from Lisa Sonora Beam 

I've been absolutely terrified by_____________

My fear keeps me from _____________

I've confronted the fear by _____________

The ways I am brave are _______________

As I mentioned in the Root project Facebook group, I have the usual fears that come with being a parent. The most powerful fear for me as an individual though... is about just getting stuck. This fear sometimes stops me from just being still....even when stillness is warranted and is most-likely the best response. 

Today, I am acknowledging the courage it takes for me to accept the inevitable stillness & quiet while recognizing the inherent value within it.  I have learned to gain strength from what I once thought would be a weakness. That strength permits me to move forward when the time is right. 

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