Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8

  Embrace Today 

Solid Roots 


                                Leaves &                                                                       Branches

what the idea of cultivating the root is teaching me right                                                 now.

Points to ponder from Lisa Sonora Beam

What does it mean to be rooted? solid, safe, in the knowledge of strength
                                                  to be uprooted? I bringing the roots with me or am I being ripped away from them? 

Tending my roots right now looks like?  

feels like?  
  sounds like?
Roots ~ Orla Gartland
"Think you've lost your shine...
Let's get lost between the rails. I've never been afraid to fail....
Sick of standing by...
getting itchy feet....
I know we're ready to dive into the unknown...
carrying our roots with everything we do...
It takes a leap to plant the seed.
All that we are is in the beat of our hearts...
I'd rather break out on my own than be caught in the middle..."  

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