Saturday, January 11, 2014

Days Ten & Eleven: What a difference a day can make

Day 10         To be happy

Even when I have to be horizontal, 
Time with him  and them 
helps lots, too. 

What A Difference One Day Can Make....

Day 11 Root 30 Day Journal Project
"The darkness inside you can make you feel so small...but I see your True Colors shining through..."
The beautiful moments in the Time Outs that restore my soul.... 
Any man can be supportive of a cause that he has faith in...but it takes a strong and loving person to be supportive of a cause that may well be lost...simply because he cares for the person in it.

The chaos is the raging activity in my brain that happens when my body MUST 

 be still.

Wee hours of the morning on Day 11 my sleep was abruptly chased away by the simultaneous sensations of burning spiders crawling between my fingers and up my forearm to collide with the frigid icicles stabbing me in the shoulder....followed by pins and needles and the toothache in my arm; it took hours to resume any semblance of rest.  In any case, now I know what it means to "die with a toothache in his heel.

The physical demands of completing this goal...this mission, really
 ... because it has truly ceased to be just a causing cumulative damage. The basic significance of that is this physical knowledge keeps me dedicated to this cause. It keeps me dedicated to doing all that I can to prevent THIS from happening to anyone else.  

Lisa's  Project prompts remind me that I must adjust my pace if I am going to finish this race. The prompts and quotes are truly coinciding in a timely way that helps me to keep my focus, strength and determination to meet the demands placed upon my mind and body right now. The time outs to restore my soul are crucial to this staggering, discouraging process. 

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