Friday, January 3, 2014

Root: Day 3

My last 30 day project was in September 2013...this one seems to be building where that one left off.

Inspiration from Root Day 3
"Cultivate the root. The leaves and branches will take care of themselves." ~ Confucius

The 30 day mandala drawing series post about the symbolism of trees came to mind as I read that quote.

As I worked through the prompts in my journal entry, a common life-theme remains, I NEED TO WORRY LESS. I am a worrier from way back... Not a nail-biting-sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-until-you-know-the-outcome kind of worrier; I am more of a I-AM-worried-must-do-something-about-it-NOW! kind of worrier. This sensation often leaves me feeling like I am chasing my tail and getting nowhere because the things that I worry about and attempt to change are often things that I have limited power to influence in any real and tangible way. The good thing about this aspect of my personality is that on occasion I do come across a source of worry or, discord as it were, that I CAN AND DO alter for the better. I'd like to think I am getting better at selecting these topics for the use of my time but the other ones still jump in and cloud the issue if I am not paying very close attention.

I know that if I work to focus on the ROOT of my experience NOW, I will become more in touch with ME and less consumed by the "what if?" road my mind seems to race down at the most inopportune times.It will become easier to discern my creative path.  Oddly, working with a group-knowing that other people are out there doing the exact same 'indulgent' thing, makes it a little easier to keep this commitment to kind of stomps out any guilty I might feel for prioritizing this project. Ultimately, I must do these types of activities to rebuild whatever it is that permits me to give something of myself to the rest of the world. If I am starving, literally AND figuratively, I cannot possibly have the resources to feed anyone else. 
More reflections about the power of the 'group' and staying in the NOW at  About Square Time.

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