Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 22 The Duplicitous Nature of Solitude

©Sheila L. Kalkbrenner
Above quote is from the Culture of Possibility
by Arlene Goldbard
Flipping the image to find a fresh vantage point.

Solitude Is The Cure For Loneliness
Day 22
 of the Root: 30 Day Journal Project
Although I have yearned 
for solitude's  healing properties, 
with the frigid temperatures
and isolation of winter upon me
My perspective right now says that it cures loneliness
much the same way my younger sister
said, "babysitting four children,
under the age of seven,
was a cure for teen pregnancy.
Too much of a "good" thing
is seldom a good thing for long.

But then again,  "Lonely" is not as duplicitous 
as "Solitude".

Perceptive Perspective
is needed in
order to monitor balance.

Emerging Women talk about Navigating the work/life balance

The Duplicitous Nature of Solitude
Hectic, busy, crazy days 
Oh, how she lures us in 
Tips and turns, yearning 
for elusive solitude

Waves of Glass, Lathe & Plaster 
warm wood wondering
blue flickers
Can the light get in?

Layers zipped up tight,
inside, outside, 
hasty retreat 
Weather lingers on the skin.

Waiting, whispers
Hot cup of nothing
Listening doors
Nobody is there.

Silent, empty, wishful days
Oh, how he lures us out
stretch to reach, escape
the confines of solitude.
~ slk

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