Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 27: Stop Making Sense

Sketches with Prelude from Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

Day 27 Good Sense  : "The chief enemy of Creativity is good sense." 
~ Pablo Picasso

"Thinking outside the box, doesn't happen by thinking."
~Lisa Sonora Beam 

The prompts today:
If it didn't have to make sense I would,____________

When it comes to making sense I wonder_______________

What I learned about good sense is that_______________

The chief enemy of my creativity seems to be_____________

So, who, exactly, has been vested with the authority to define "good sense"? Is it a variable in flux, defined simply based upon the chaos around it? 

I have learned that nobody else can define what makes sense for me. Only I can discover that. Sometimes it makes sense to just stop trying to make sense of it all and accept it as it is. I just need to remember to Stop Making Sense make art instead. 

The need to justify making art still, after all this time, gets in my way. I'll deny myself the option or opportunity to make art because a voice in my head says, "It doesn't make sense for you to make art when all this other real and important stuff is happening."
THAT doesn't make sense. This is when I need to make art the most. The art is real. It is important.

ART is the sense in the is the chaos in the sense.  The act of making, for me, makes the rest of it all make sense. 

The boundaries we place on ourselves and the beliefs we have learned to conform to don't necessarily have to become the parameters by which we define reality and "sense."

Common sense is 
the collection of prejudices 
acquired by age eighteen.~Albert Einstein 

"Sense" is made by finding that which we can accept within ourselves. 

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