Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 15 Blessings for the Un-plugged Peeps?

TWC Service Map 4.14.15

Day 15 

Blessings in disguise

Woke up yesterday to finish framing prints for the exhibit. My BBFE alerted me to the fact that we had no internet service. 

Except for the thirty,thirty,thirty post; I had started the day NOT planning to be online at all. There was just too much to do in the studio. This alert made me feel like I had to resolve the problem. I stopped working and did the usual tests on my own network. Nothing. My cell phone was "roaming" as well. 
I re-focused and went back to the studio. This "problem/task" kept nagging at me the entire time. When BBFE left for work I asked him to call to let me know if there had been an apocalypse or not so I'd know if this was even a job for MY ever-growing to-do list.

When he did call, I can honestly say that I am not sure which gave me more relief. Was it the fact that there had been no Armageddon while we slept or just that I had a FREE pass NOT to deal with my computer at all? h-m-m?  
It was so easy to focus in the studio knowing that this un-plugged state had been imposed upon me. It made me feel like I wasn't neglecting my "other responsibilities". Knowing many others were without service also meant this was NOT a problem I could solve and I needed to release it to a higher power...a.k.a The Cable Company. 

 A huge weight was lifted and my quality of work improved. 

I LOVE the connectivity of the internet and the resources it provides. Without it I am sure I would have gone completely bonkers when I was trying to find out why I was so sick eight years ago.  As many of us I discovering, when it comes to being wired to the world there CAN be  too much of good thing

The struggle for self-discipline seems like a small thing in comparison to other modern global issues but it is undeniable that being plugged in 24/7 is changing the world. It is expanding so much and those who are not hooked up to that stream may be left behind. 

Are WE "blessed" or "cursed" by the digital phenomenon or is it simply one more phase of human evolution by which certain cultures will "evolve" before others? It is often assumed that the digitally advanced are the "more" evolved and the changes in the brain are simply a part of that process. But, let's pause to consider, what spiritual and intellectual evolution occurs with the choice to abstain from digital commitments and trappings? Which one is more important? h-m-m-m? 
Not a far stretch to think that the ones at the OTHER End-the source- of the wiring will be the ones running the show while the plugged in peeps will be the puppets. ...and these are my thoughts at 7:19 a.m. Explains a lot. 

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