Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 10 ~ Magic is Happening Here

Screen shot from Google maps live
Map of Registered Arachnoiditis Survivors
Becoming our own Mixed Media Collage of the Survivors

Making Progress

The muses were awake last night putting some magic on the Map while listening to Sylvan Esso NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.

As I worked on this I was thinking about our connectivity. 
Despite recent discontent with technology, I remain in awe of the way that I have witnessed the Survivors Sharing and posting on the Facebook Thread for the Map of the Survivors~ Survivors from Australia connecting with Survivors in Arkansas, Survivors in Mongolia connecting with Survivors in New York, Survivors in South Africa connecting to Survivors in Colorado... it is one of the greatest benefits of the world wide web for us to find that in spite of the isolating and lonely consequences of arachnoditis, we are not alone.

Artist/Arachnoiditis Survivor  Accepted Entries
ArseenVanDurme ~  Art By Survivors~ Paintings: "Spring" "So I Feel" "Oil Painting #1" 
                                  and "Oil Painting #2"
 Cheryl Marcus  ~  Digital Photo Series: "Trapped" "Game Days" "X-Ray" 
 Jamie Pavlekovich ~ Art By Survivors~ Book (Digital Collage by slk) (and book?) "Fungal Meningitis"
Jack Pavlecovich ~ Arachnoiditis Survivor Portrait Recipient, Survivor's Story 
Karen Kovacik-Early ~ Digital Photo Series, "Soul Sisters"(digital collage), "Together We Fight" (digital                                         collage), "Together #2"(digital collage), 
                                   "Living With It"  (photo) and 
                                 Arachnoiditis Survivor Portrait Recipient, Survivor's Story 
                                  Video: "High Ho Silver"                 
Kenny Brooks ~ Digital Photo Series, "Braced" Arachnoiditis Survivor Recipient, Survivor's Story
 Kimberly Comfort ~Digital Photo Series, "No Promises"(digital collage), "Spinal Cord Stimulator"(digital                                 collage w/text), 
                            "Survivor Story Excerpt" (digital collage w/text),   
                                 Arachnoiditis Survivor Portrait Recipient
Linda Funsch~ Art By Survivors~Design: The Arachnoiditis Awareness Ribbon
Melanie Lamb ~ Art By Survivors, "Reaper Journal Collage" Digital Photo Series, "K-9                                                         Trainer" (collage), "Arachnoiditis In Real" (collage), 
                         Arachnoiditis Survivor Portrait Recipient, Survivor's Story
 Michelle Babcock~ Survivor's Story w/photos "Mommy & Baby"
Nicola Reeves~ Art by Survivors~Design: Arachnoiditis Awareness Logo
Sarah Elizabeth Hirschle ~ Art By Survivors~ photography: "Summer Oaks" "Celestial                                                                           Transformations "Secret Bridge""Serenity"
                                             "Purple Passion" and Arachnoiditis Survivor Portrait Recipient
Sheila L. Kalkbrenner~ Art By Survivors: Arachnoiditis Survivor Portraits for: 
                                                    Jack, Kenny, Melanie, Karen,Kimberly, Sarah
                                                           Painting: "Honesty & Hope (a.k.a. No Pain, No Gain) Paper                                                             Sculpture: "Still Standing" Shadowbox Installation
                                               Digital Photo Series: "Arachnoiditis Survivors" (digital collage),
                                                  "Album of the Survivors" (digital collage)                                                                                            "Speak" (digital collage) "DPU" (digital collage) "A New Way" (digital collage) 
                                                   "Cisternogram" (digital collage)
                                             Design: "Show Poster/Postcard"
Tammy Pavlekovich ~Digital Photo Series: "Ashlee & Jamie at Hospital w/Jack"
Wende Starr ~ Art By Survivors~Paintings:
                                             "Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses #1 & #2" "Butterfly" 
                                                Drawings: "Horse" "Spine With Pain Radiating Day & Night"
                                                Photography: "Spider Web" "Amish Country Horses" 
Map of the Survivors ~ 218 Registered Spinal Arachnoiditis Survivors 
The Album of the Survivors Currently 86 Survivors' Selfies Registered 
Limited Liberty (Balloon Installation) w/ Allison Midgley Artist & Advocate for Prevention

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