Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 6 ~ TILT days



TILT: In pinball,  “The tilt mechanism registers motion applied to a machine; if too much motion is applied this way, the game is said to “tilt” and the player is penalized (losing the ball in play, the bonus points or a combination of both are the most common penalties). Some EM machines void the game of a player when tilted.” ~Glossary of Pinball terms

1) Wake up  ~ Yep. That one is important. It isn’t always the pleasant feeling we’d like it to be. I have had mornings (and nights) in which all I can think is, “Really? I am awake AGAIN?”  It took a long time for me to accept that it is OKAY to be awake even when “normal” people would be asleep. Although I know I NEED sleep, I have come to recognize that the more frustrated I get about NOT sleeping, the less likely I am to actually sleep. The lure of the escape of sleep is also something to wish for and pray for when coping with chronic pain…especially, at the extreme levels associated with arachnoiditis. But, believe it or not, accepting your wakefulness eliminates the stress (and related pain) that comes with fighting it. The Price of Pain is that we question the value of being awake in ways we may never have done before. Each day we are given is a blessing. Sometimes, the blessings are VERY HARD to find but, they REALLY are there. Wake up so you don’t miss them.

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