Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 7 ~About Time and Making

Arachnoiditis Survivor Portrait for Melanie
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"The slow tempo of craftwork, of taking the time you need to do something well, is profoundly stabilizing to individuals....The way the capitalist economy is designed sacrifices the logic of craft, which results in poorly made objects and a degraded physical environment." 
~Richard Sennett

This one took a long time to complete. The finished product was worth it. Melanie's poster is back from the printer and will be going out to her this week. Melanie shares her arachnoiditis journey to increase awareness and empower fellow survivors. Her story is included in the Survivor Stories at Art For Arachnoiditis.org 

Arachnoiditis Survivor Portraits in Progress for Karen, Kimberly, and Sarah 
Taking time to do these next portraits means minimizing the number of video productions/posts during the process. 
The end goal is to be able to record projects in progress, immediately transform the recording into time lapsed video, and post. 

Other artists make it looks so easy. I am still hopeful that the tech upgrades now in place will help. Due to incompatible software issues, it used to take about 5 hours to make one 10 minute video.  I just don't have that kind of time. 

Time Management is a constant issue here.
The methods of doing so seem to be in a constant state of flux. 
One might think that doing this 30.30.30 blog project would take even more time away from "other things" but, this is helping me to work through things that I would be thinking about anyway. This "thinking" phase is all part of the creative process for me. The only difference is, right now, I am sharing that portion of the process with YOU. 
A leap of Faith In the long run, I think My Twitter Account will become the most efficient way for me to post live in-the-studio progress and Patreon will be for completed content that is not available anywhere else. I just have to allow myself to trust that those who are interested in the work will follow and find me in those places. I am sure I will continue to ponder these and other outcomes here. 

Although there is a creative process and some creativity involved in the making of the videos, the Assessment from my view is that right now, I am spending too much time doing tech-related tasks and not nearly enough time making art. I never really intended for "video" to be my genre. I understand and hope that as I become more proficient with these tools they will become more efficient resources.  

Tech EATS Time: The Website, Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn, Manta,Tumblr, Youtube,Blogger, WordPress, and Instagram. It's overwhelming AND inefficient. Or is it?
There are methods to automatically post and share on all of my social media platforms simultaneously so that I am not duplicating or repeating posts and content. As an "emerging artist" in this modern social-media era, this is another thing on my list of things to figure out.  

Arachnoiditis keeps me pretty isolated at home. Practically everything I do here is self-organized, self-administered, self-researched, self-taught, and self-implemented. Maybe that is common to all self-employed people. It's likely the only real difference is that where others might travel to a teaching/networking event, I do most of my learning/networking online.  

A large faction of society sees social media as purely recreational, however, for artists I believe social media is a Key Factor in the ability to SHARE the work that we make. To make it accessible, available, and affordable to those who appreciate it and benefit from it most. It is an amazing new age for artists as we now have direct contact with our patrons and can independently RELEASE our art babies to the world.  

As always, TIME is the variable. How MUCH time on social media? How much time on making "sharable" content? If a picture is worth a thousand words how many "words" are moving pictures worth? If you are so busy recording the process to create the content that you don't have time to make the work doesn't it defeat the purpose?
As always, Balance is the goal. 

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