Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 8 ~The Great Unknown

screenshot from my patreon page


...and it's done! Last night I finished it. 
I have launched my patreon account. MANY videos from the Art For Arachnoiditis Project are in the "creations" tab. These transferred from my Youtube channel. I am glad because it shows what I have been doing for...well, pretty much the last twelve months! 

Today is about.....
(Are you surprised?) 
This morning I am doing the labels for the artwork from the entries spreadsheet and pasting them onto pretty paper to match up with the Prints that will go in these lovely frames. (Vanna gestures rectangularly around the boxes on the left.)

Again I find myself afraid NOBODY will come and equally afraid that they WILL. Creative cohorts keep telling me that this is a normal phenomenon when planning an event that is, essentially, for other people. Although I am dangling at the edge clinging to a teeny-tiny-twisty little snaggled root of confidence, I am taking their word for it and not allowing myself to get sucked into the abyss.  
My mission, as I work today, is to remember that the goal is to just RELEASE THE ART. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. So, here's hoping some horses are aware that the water will be there. 
From Art Quote of the Day

I have participated in exhibits before and even planned my own. But, this one is different because it is truly a first step toward creating something bigger than myself that, if done correctly, will continue to grow and develop over time. As it does-if it does-perhaps fewer people will be injured this way, more people will know that they are not alone if they have already been injured, and they will find some comfort in the community and healing art provided at 

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