Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 13

Eight years after onset of Spinal Arachnoiditis Symptoms; Day 12 was a tribute to our Arachnoiditis Angels about Remembering with Gratitude. 

Day 13 Distracted by the .... 

sh-h-h, don't want to scare it away......   s-u-n-s-h-i-n-e!  [Does secret happy dance.]

Knowing the rhythms of the moon cycles is a wonderful way to get in touch with all of the internal influences that are present in my decisions, actions, re-actions, emotions and how that determines my sense of self and place in the world. 

But, these last two afternoons of sunshine and WARM winds has been a true blessing.  In spite of having a lot of in-door prep to do for the exhibit, I couldn't resist the need to enjoy the warmth and light that has been missing from our days.

I DID (finally) do my taxes the first FOUR hours of the morning. 

...and now....

back to our regularly scheduled framing, printing, folding, typing, padding, packing, cleaning, taping, labeling, and MORE typing.

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