Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 23~ The "S" Word

Some good uses for the "cold"
S is for, "Silver Lining"

Last week I had to make room in my little fridge. So, I froze the extra mullein decoction into cubes. Now, I add them to the hot ginger root spice tea. This cools it enough to drink and allows me to save the mullein tea for more than a week. 
It doesn't seem to change the medicinal properties of either plant. These can also be added to cold beverages. But, why would I do that? 

Temperatures around 27 degrees F last night 
were an open invitation to S@#!  

Bonzai Trees 4.23.15
 Yep. It came again last night. S is for, "Still here today". 
and for, "Saving the greens"

Hoping I covered these in time to protect the new leaves and buds that were showing just two days ago...

Baby Lilac Bush 4.23.15
My solution to this problem.  It's NOT very productive
but, my "boss" doesn't seem to care. 

Malachi recovered from surgery 4.23.15

and "Social Media"

Considering the numerous protests I saw floating around social media this morning, I'd have to say I am not the only one frustrated with this weather shift.

S is also still for. "Studio"

Survivor Portrait in Progress for Karen (Video#1)

Independent Adaptive Art Activity

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