Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 22~ A day for Earth

Earth Day 

Although I fell short of my expectations (again) for the way I wanted to participate in this day, I am still supporting the effort with B~Arter Bucks for those who post what they are doing to help the Earth. 
In deep empathy for those limited by the weather, I am extending the offer. Just post your images by May 10th to be eligible to receive $10 in B~Arter Bucks. 
Simply post your Earth Conservation activity in the comments here or on our local Wellsville Community Gardens Earth Day Event Page

Also, out of respect for the Earth and all it offers, I have decided to make my "fence posts" out of my recycled Sunflower Stalks. 
Every year we plant Sunflowers in memory of my Mother. 
They were her favorite.

At first I thought I would put sealant on them to protect them from the elements. But, the more I thought about it, I decided to just let them fall apart as they will and replace them again in the spring with the ones that I save from this season. 
I spent a lot of time last year Naming Nature and if all goes well, my yard will be full of low maintenance edible and medicinal  "weeds" this year. 
Mullein flower Stalks and Blooms ~Fall 2014
I can already see some of them thriving and hoping for warm weather. We had hail and snow, I was outside covering my fragile baby lilac transplant and the bonzai trees. Otherwise, I think the rest of the plants are okay with this kind of fluctuating temperature...I hope. 

I haven't started my own apothecary yet...but my most crucial needs are being met by nature right now. I saved a crap ton of mullein last fall when I found out that it actually works! Hoping the transplanted first-year plants and seeds do well in my yard. So far, so good.   
Also, brought in some Evening Primrose, more WILD day lilies...the edible ones, and Joe Pye Weed, and blue vervain, and cleavers...can't wait to see how they do this year. 
The other UP side of this deal....less lawn to mow and more stuff to grow. WooHoo! 
Saves gas and personal vertical energy. It's a good plan. My neighbors.. may hate it...hope not. 

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