Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thirty, Thirty, Thirty 2015

This collage thing I am doing right now. 

Since being introduced to the concept by a friend of mine, I try to do at least one 30.30.30 art project every year.  It's a sort of 30 days, 30 minutes, 30 pieces (drawings/paintings/collages) kind of a thing. Because of the ginormous workload I have right now (a.k.a. The Art For Arachnoiditis Project) and the way that workload has determined by blogging activity...or lack there-of; I have decided to include this BLOG  in the 30.30.30 concept. 

So, for the next 30 days I will be making some kind of a blogpost about some kind of a studio and life-related thing. 

Can you tell that this is NOT a pre-planned, well-thought-out-sealed-up-tight-in-its-box intention?

This cray-cray painting I just started.
It snowed here the first day of Spring and has continued to snow off and on since. Today, I think the temp leveled off around 38 or something. But, we actually had enough sunshine that I bundled up and went out to lay on the front porch during the most sun-exposed 20 minutes of the day to read another chapter of Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking. This was a much needed break in the planning part of the upcoming exhibit

I am noticing with each passing day that more and more of my time is spent on the administrative parts than on the art-part of my art. I am also noticing an increased level of personal discontent with that scenario. As I was sunning (through three shirts, two jackets w/hoods,heavy jeans and wet weather footgear), it occurred to me that the art:admin ratio is quite skewed. If I look at it from a 12 or even 6 month perspective, there is certainly MORE art than admin. But right this minute it isn't quite so easy to see that.  

I assume this perception is even more skewed because the tech upgrades and updates that I thought would make everything so much easier and more efficient and accommodating to my circumstances turned out not to be the shiny ray of glossy new comfy ergonomic hope that I expected. So, as I work to bring the A4A project to physical reality (to compliment our established virtual reality); I am calling this the awkward, "why-can't- I- reach -that?- and-what-does-THAT-do-again?oh-crap-I'll-just-use-the-old-one-'til-it-dies!" adjustment period. 

NOTE TO SELF AND ALL ASSOCIATED STUDIO TECH EQUIPMENT: Perhaps midway through the project is NOT such a great time to upgrade when the schedule does not have room to expand for the learning curve. Hence,Tech equipment, you in no way, shape, or form have my consent to crap out until I am DONE with this thing. ~End Rant.

On a much more loving note: I loved that our SWAN Day event happened this year, that I made it to the Wellsville 2020 meeting in March to talk (and listen) about plans for Destination Wellsville, NY.  
Although, I couldn't keep up with the scheduled time line; I did get to join and participate in the Equinox Festivities with some Sacred Sisters. 
Some sacred Art of my own was featured with love among the students of Susun Weed's Wise Woman Mentorship program. 

Time's up. Will be back, at some point,  tomorrow. 

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