Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yesterday's Yantra (day 10)

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Yesterday's Yantra/Mandala completed today.
No matter your belief system, if you are seeking a healing method "the best way to to temporarily suspend any disbelief you might have and rest your faith on this healing possibility." ~Cornell

The use of mandalas in healing is not a new practice. Navajo healers still use this practice which was established long ago. In this culture it is not intended as an individual practice or journey. It is utilized as a healing ritual. The healer creates a sand mandala large enough for the "patient" to sit in. The mandala is blessed by the medicine man. The subject is provided this path to healing with the support of those around him/her. 
Carl Jung, Hildegard of Bingen, and Judith Cornell are among others who have utilized Mandalas to facilitate healing. 

Bizarre tropical conditions in upstate New York yesterday eased much of the arachnoiditis pain which colors my life enabling me to work outside most of the day. Throughout the day I was accompanied by thoughts of my mother. It was no surprise to find the sunflower mandala at my fingertips. Every spring I plant a sunflower garden in memory of her. For years my children and I would start the seeds inside and plant them on Mother's Day. My children are now grown and out on their own. This spring I planted the seeds with my Grandson.    Flowers are natural mandalas.                           
Grandma's Garden
"Flowers in your Mandala may be a harbinger...revealing a quickening of personal growth...a fulfillment of a goal or task which has taken much dedication on your part...When studying the flowers in your mandala, make note of how many appear, the color, the number of petals each holds. Incorporating this information will help you interpret the meaning of your flowers. You may want to consider that flowers reveal your soul's work, a growth process unfolding through your relationship with the archetype of the self. " ~Fincher

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