Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 13 Memorable Mandalas

(left)Dinosaur named Pookieand Green Snake in the Grass,  (right)Truffala Trees and the Chopper
My Grandson (age 3)                                                             For my grandson, by request
Buy this Inverted Digital File of Truffula Tree and Chopper (a.k.a.Visiting Grandchild)

My grandson is visiting for the weekend. We painted mandalas together.  He was very excited about having pre-cut circles to paint. I am thankful to have this time and this memory to share with him.
Right now he loves Dr. Seuss books. One of his favorites is the Lorax. I have lost count of how many times we have read it in the past few weeks. Every time we paint together he asks me to make truffala trees for him. This time he said he wanted some "curly truffala trees, "like when they CHOP! them Grandma."  

Some days our painting sessions are quite lengthy. Other days it only lasts a few minutes. Lately he has been processing what to do when he accidentally turns all of his colors brown. Today when his orange and purple got brown he decide he wanted to do something else. I am sure he will re-visit the problem next time. (Because his paint will still be brown when he gets back.)  

I hope you get to enjoy quiet times with the children in your life. I have found it to be the best medicine on some of the worst days.

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