Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 14 & 15 Memorable Madness (Mandalas & Children)

Buy the Inverted Digital File of the Mixed Media collaborative drawing

Buy the Inverted Digital File of this Mixed Media Collaborative Drawing

"Treasure Hunt (a.k.a. Between The Lines)"
Buy the Inverted Digital File of this Mixed Media Collaborative Drawing

Exhausted after a busy weekend with my three year old Granson.   These are more mandalas that we made together. Although I did mention once or twice over the weekend that these are called mandalas, I did not dwell on it. We just took the time to take advantage of all of the pre-cut (by me)circles. (I still have some blank ones left.) Although for him it was mostly a mark-making activity, it was interesting to me to hear him explain what he thought should go in each circle.

The first color he chooses is always green. Dark green, light green, yellow green, olive; it doesn't matter to him, as long as it is green. On the last one we made the lines first. Some were free-hand and for others he practiced learning to use one of my stencils. Then I suggested that we color the space between the lines. He had no interest in doing this part himself but would hand me a color and tell me where to put it. (He prefers lines that are free right now.)
We finished with these fairly early this morning and played construction site the rest of the day.

Educational Coloring pages offers free mandala coloring pages for kids. There are also many wonderful videos on you tube featuring children creating mandalas. Mandalas with children is a nice slide-show style example of one class lesson.

"The purpose of introducing a mandala to the children, is way for them to start becoming more familiar with their own symbology, with their own sense of self, with their own way of healing, or centering in chaos, and with their ability to feel like their story is valuable."
~Early Futures , a blog site with "supporting edge concepts about, from, and for children" explains an interesting mandala curriculum for children with wonderful examples of student work.

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