Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 24~ Shine

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I feel safe in saying that we all have a heart light that we carry with us. This Mandala is the representation of the heart lights which I hold close to my own.
If we are lucky, we are surrounded by cherished people and we take the time to recognize their hearts shining, too. Some shatter easily inside of their crystal confines...shards leaving vulnerable holes, the fragments scattering upon the floor. Setting us ablaze in wonder and confusion, others burst into flame with the slightest provocation. And, still others, hover and glow independently inside of their skins... warming those who touch them .The rest of them fluctuate between these states of existence. Crossing boundaries on a whim, keeping a safe distance when it suits them; they come in and out of our lives fleetingly but effectively when we need them the most. If our heart light is strong, we embrace them as they are or mercifully let them go when we cannot. In the words of Neil Diamond, "Turn on your Heart Light." 

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