Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 11 Going Full Circle

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Upon completion of this mandala drawing I looked up certain aspects of the drawing in Creating Mandalas; for insight, healing, and self-expression ~Susanne F. Fincher
Here are some examples of the information this book offered.
"Five suggests the person reaching outward to engage reality. ...five may reveal your active engagement with the real world in making your own personal vision a reality.A feeling of mission may inspire in you an active, energetic approach to your goals...when you see five objects in your mandalas, you might want to consider whether the meaning has to do with the organic fullness of your body, with your ability to take hold, or with your heartfelt desire to give the world something of yourself." 
"Three is a number suggesting vitality, energy, and motion...threeness may become prominent in your mandalas whenever the energy powering independent thinking or doing is on the rise."

Fontana states that the crescent represents ascent from the underworld, a change within the world of forms, the newborn, "the ship of light that carries the soul through the darkness and into the light of new dawn."   Dark blue is said to indicate an awareness of the deeper reality behind events in your life. Yellow was said to show "a readiness to learn and a willingness to own your point of view."  Lavender signifies "a peak experience from recent past or near future."

There is a great deal of information and hypothesis in these texts. The individual working through the process must assess the significance of the resounding qualities of his/her own drawing. There is not a general formula which applies to every type of drawing. The interpretations of mandalas intended for healing are as diverse as the scenarios and people who create them. ~slk

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