Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 27~ Layers

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"Circles in your mandalas can remind you of the flow of life whose currents spiral in and out of things bound solid in time and space."

The Great Round Diagram ~Kellogg
Several stages of Joan Kellogg's Great Round seem to be in evidence here. I could not isolate one specific stage when I cross-referenced the diagram in Fincher's guide.
 These are the ones that seemed most evident:
Stage Three ~ Labrynth or Spiral
Stage 5~The Target
Stage 8~ The Functioning Ego

Fincher states that Stage 8 is the culmination of Stage 3. I suppose it makes sense that elements of both might appear in the same image.  I am not yet certain, but there seems to also be some sense of hierarchy in the drawings. As explore the references I am discovering on this journey, it occurs to me that perhaps, there are layers of meaning in each which indicate the general phase or stage of development juxtaposed with reactions to an experience of a given day.

To me, this drawing seems to show the path I am on in my creative/career journey and the progress I am making there overlapped with my personal journey and some of the persistent insecurities which shadow my accomplishments.These forms seem to be an odd balance of steady, consistent direction with random concerns popping up in an overwhelming way.  I have to assume that there must be some significance to the deconstruction of the star as the tirangles progress but perhaps those associations will be discovered with further research regarding the significance of the spiral and layering in mandalas.

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