Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4 Songs About Rainbows

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So many colors, so little time. Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows?
Kermit and The Carpenters asked and tried to find the answer to that question.
Whether in joy or grief, in Neon with Alan Jackson or in our Stew with Merle Haggard; from Jolson,  Leslie Gore, Dorothy (Judy Garland), Julie Andrews  & Andy Williams to the DellsSergio Mendes The Rolling Stones,and even in the dark with Ronnie James Dio (1983);  rainbows seem often to be something to sing about. With a long history as a source of magic, inspiration, and comfort they Rainbow All Over Your Blues (John Sebastian) whether we like it or not.

Rainbows historically signify birth under magical circumstances. 
When all of the colors of the rainbow are present it is "as if all of the seven chakras are activated." You are "approaching a profound reordering of your point of view." 
Prior to my journey into the world of Mandalas I had not thought about my use of color in this way. As I look back on past projects I suspect there may be some truth in this claim. It was at profound moments such as those that I created some of my most-whelming works to date. Boundaries was a painting all about testing my point of view... in living and in color.

In my painting experience I have frequently been pushed to reign in my desire to use every color in my collection. Although I am getting better at it; I have yet to master a way to include all of the colors that I feel without bombarding the viewer with too much information. As I soak in the timeless power of the rainbow it occurs to me that perhaps the universe and I are at cross-purposes. Maybe I should just Believe and Embrace The Rainbow

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