Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April First ~ Foolish Notions

4th Session [30 minutes today] of the "Porch~trait" commission
(Conceptual Portrait In progress) 
Foolishly full plate of creative endeavors this month. 

Three entries in the Wellsville Art Association Seven Counties Show, 
Opening Reception Thursday April 3rd 5:30-7:30pm at David A Howe Public Library

Complete current commissioned projects

30.30.30. Thirty Days, Thirty Drawings, Thirty Minutes Each
Last 30.30.30 was November 2012!!! 

Photocrati Fund Photography Grant Deadline: 18th

Get the Hatchfund Campaign for Arachnoiditis Survivor up and running ASAP!
(See the Video)

Finish recording the Greenwood Ovation video as a sample W.I.P video for portrait package D.

Right Brain Business Plan Video Summit: 7th-15th

15 Day Writers' Challenge with Elizabeth Johnston Starts: 12th  
(using this for the written portion of Still Standing, Sometimes)

Arnot Art Museum Exhibition Entries Deadline: 25th

Can you guess how many of these things I will be doing from my Ostrich Cot?
...or how many of them will start to overlap with each other?

Also preparing contributions for Allegany Arts Association, 
"You've Been Framed" fundraiser to provide free art classes to local children ...Entries due May 8th/9th...

Sponsoring the Community Action Angels Golf Tournament in May

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