Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Conceptual Portrait Package Options

What is a "Conceptual Portrait"?

 Summer Girls
Basic EXAMPLE 1: 
(A combination of one classical portrait and an imaginary idea.)
This classical portrait of two sisters was transformed to become a fantasy image by giving each of the girls wings. 

Basic EXAMPLE 2: 
(A combination of one or more reference images)
As the youngest child in this drawing was born several years AFTER the original photograph was taken, a combination of resource images was used to create this final candid-shot group portrait. 

August Rising is a framed, full-color, group portrait in an imaginary landscape which was made from a composite of six individual photographs of five individual children.

Conceptual Portrait Package Options 

(Updated 10-8-15)
Commissions/Orders under $150 must be paid in advance. Over $150 a 50% deposit is required to begin work. Balance due upon project completion.
Prices include NYS Sales Tax. Additional Shipping Fees may apply.

Sample Video of a 16" x 20 conceptual portrait, Greenwood Ovation, in progress. 
(Framed to 18" x 24")
In addition to the above commissioned project package options, Conceptual Portraits are also available as Acrylic Paintings on Stretched Canvas
are examples of paintings done in this manner.
Current Rates:
8" x 10" Unframed $150 ea. 
11" x 14" Unframed $200 ea.
16” x 20” Unframed $300 ea. 
18” x 24” Unframed $400 ea. 
*Optional Additional charge for Framing 
based on Patron Selection,
Additional Options Negotiable

More Options

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