Monday, February 10, 2014

Making a Plan

Last week, at the Right Brain Business Plan e-course, we were asked to think about our business in metaphor. What plant, animal, force of nature do think best represents your business?

Because being able to accommodate and adjust are key factors for producing art here, I considered some different symbols of adaptability. None of them really seemed to quite convey what is really going on with my business right now. It took me some time to come up with this answer.

 I think the studio is most like the elusive Desert Tortoise.  Slow and steady, carrying the burdens of life and home on its back; the studio continues to make progress as it seeks shelter from the elements. 
"They will spend November through February in a torpid or dormant state in their underground burrows.".

...but the burrows they create actually support life and benefit other creatures of the desert. 

Savoring the small things, giving plans more time, in it for the long haul, and right now, taking take time to: 

"Think about plans more, visualize what you want in more detail, let them simmer away, but don't rush into them. Share your ideas with others, let them grow in other circles of knowledge and experience and see what filters back to you. Sometimes you need to give your ideas and plans away to others, the universe, your inner mind, before you will find the answers and results you seek. 

Shielding yourself from harm may come naturally to you, or it may be something that you need to remember how to do. Either way, this symbol places emphasis on varying aspects of shielding and self-defense. You have the resources to take care of yourself right now, it is just a matter of choosing to look after yourself. Often some of the most effective ways we protect ourselves from the rough and tumble of life is by withdrawing from it or being gentle with ourselves. ...
 Life is often trying to nudge us down a certain path, and sometimes it's important to stop and see where that is, and it is up to us to listen and follow when it is healthy for us to do so. "  Wild Speak  referencing the symbolism of the Green Sea Turtle, but I think the concept also describes what is going on with my business. The biggest difference between the symbolism I associate with the Desert Tortoise and the Green Sea Turtle is that the sea turtle is better equipped to relax and go with the flow of things.

In the interest of balance and addressing the feelings of stagnation here I must also post:
"The shadow aspect of green sea turtle counsels that we are taking too long to implement plans and look after ourselves. Slowing down is only beneficial when used in moderation, such as balanced against healthy levels of stress. However, when you slow down too much, you begin to procrastinate and become lazy, you automatically give away the things you care for because you never spend the time on them that is required to keep them close to you. Green sea turtle's shadow aspect helps you to learn slowing down in moderation."   

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