Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 2 Business Portrait & Landscape

Part 1: My Business Self Portrait. 
(In Words because visual art ability was dedicated to a portrait in progress today.) 
For a census survey today, I was asked, "On average, how many hours do you work per week?"  When I was working on vocational rehabilitation goals with ACCESS-VR, I began documenting my studio time. I have since continued that system. Although I have been deemed unemployable, because I work from my bed and several other work stations; it averages out to about 55-60 hours per week that I dedicate to my studio goals. I am hoping that with the help of the Right Brain Business Plan [RBBP] eCourse my income will start to reflect this effort. 


In completing my income taxes and P and L statement for my business I was a bit disappointed with the financial aspect of my hard work this year. 

But then, I remembered that the main mission of this studio business is TO MAKE ART AND SHARE IT WITH THE PUBLIC. I created a different kind of P and L for myself. It shows all of the areas in which the studio (a.k.a."me") 
did manage to do that. There has been significant increase in making & sharing of art. I am proud of that.

Biz Landscape Play Sheet (C) Jennifer Lee The Right Brain Business Plan
Preliminary review of my current business landscape seems to emphasize that my local market cannot accommodate the fair market value of the work that I do. I am taking the advice of my creative cohorts at RBBP and beginning a marketing plan that addresses the needs of both of my current markets, as well as a broader "ideal" market that I hope to reach in the future. 

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