Saturday, February 22, 2014

Barter For Art:Keeping Art Affordable

As I work through the Right Brain Business Plan  e-course, I am making significant discoveries about the needs of my target markets (apparently I have more than one) and what makes this pursuit valuable to me. 

Keeping Art Affordable is an important mission here. With that in mind, I am developing new combination packages for portraits, pre-printed merchandise, and special projects. 

Also, to meet studio needs while catering to my local market; my new official Barter for Art system begins today. 

Building on the ideas discussed in the  Barter & Trade System portion of my post from Week 2 of the Root 30: Day Journal Project; I am defining an independent economy for my studio.   
How it works: 
The first column on the left identifies the items and services that are of value here in the studio. The second two columns show what art I am willing to exchange for those art-worthy items. As with most barter systems, there is room for negotiation regarding other ideas and offerings. 
Barter for Art Exchange Guidelines 
Please feel free to contact the studio if you have any requests or questions about offerings or how this new system works. 
Printable Price Lists and Oder Forms PDF  for regular purchases and B~Arter for Art Program. 

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