Thursday, February 20, 2014

Benefits of Art for Your Home and Business

Empty Nest ©Sheila L. Kalkbrenner 2013 One Life Collection

"Form without colour is like a body without a soul." ~Owen Jones 1865  Author of The Grammar of Ornament, is considered the most pivotal designer of the 19th Century.Modern Copy of the Book sold by Barnes and Nobles.

Function and beauty are not mutually exclusive. Art transforms the space. Never under estimate The Power of Art

"Art can speak volumes about the values and culture of a company."
~Art Ideas for the Office 

The art in the business space provides conceptual development of the space while communicating your business values to company stakeholders, including your own employees. Barren walls are often a missed opportunity to welcome guests and potential customers. Benefits of Affordable Art In the Workplace include: healing, productivity,mood-lifting, improved morale & corporate image,stress reduction, a screen break from computers, and can give the impression of wealth and fiscal responsibility during difficult economic times. 
Consider the ways to Make Art Work in the Workplace.   What message would you like to convey in this space? 

There is no need to feel "locked-in" to any single message or vision. Rent one piece or a series of wall art that meets your current needs. Later, exchange or replace it as your business develops.

Through several drafting sessions, work directly with the artist to create custom wall art that is specific to your ideas and business needs. 
From 16" x 20" office paintings/prints to large murals for lobbies & meeting places, you have the option to influence the image which will represent your business. 

No time to meet with the artist? Complete a brief questionnaire, provide her with copies of your mission statement and company values; she will work independently to create art which conveys your message.

Art for your home and personal space reflects the form, function, and color of your life. 

The presence of art is a celebration of success. It can be an uplifting experience during personal hardship and difficult economic times. Assorted purchase options and reasonable pricing for Commissioned Projects, Studio Merchandise, Portrait packages, (including a local Barter-For-Art system), at SheilaLynnK Art Studio; keeps the work affordable and readily available to a diverse population of art connoisseurs. 

With over twenty years experience exploring multiple media options, a wide selection of styles and materials is available here to help you express your vision and define your space. 

Want to be certain that no one else has the same art as you? Exclusivity is an option here. Upon your request, no reproduction prints will be made of your custom designed artwork. 

At SheilaLynnK Art Studio you have the personal engagement, assurance, and comfort of buying Limited Edition Signed Prints(reproductions of originals) and/or custom-made art directly from the artist. 

A Civic-Minded artist, portions of your payment provide funding to benefit: local Community Action projects as well as international Awareness & Prevention of Spinal Adhesive Arachnoiditis. 

You will not be bombarded with a big sales pitch. There are a variety of quiet options to stay connected & remain up to date on studio missions, packages/offerings, events, and opportunities:

this blog, the Website, the studio Facebook Page, GooglePinterest, and  Youtube

SheilaLynnK Art Studio proudly supports empowerment and healing via the arts. 

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