Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Last Week of RBBP e-Course

The first offering, Spring Thaw Specials, I posted at the beginning of the e-Course ends March 31st. Although we are still waiting for the "thaw" in upstate New York, you can secure these low prices on your order if you act now. 

Finishing up week 7 and starting out week 8.
Being self-employed means that everything depends on self discipline. There if very little, if any, positive reinforcement, encouragement, or accountability. 
The decision to be more involved with the Right Brain Business Plan creative cohorts has remedied that mind set. I have learned ways to be more accountable to myself. 
I am very thankful that I won the spot in the e-Course

SMARTER goals are leading to bigger projects...
Using the  Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge lessons, I am finishing up the final work-in-progress video for the completed conceptual portrait, Greenwood Ovation, featuring music by The Prickers. This was one of the strategic alliances that I set up during the Right Brain Business Plan e-Course. It will be used as a sample video to demonstrate one of the offerings in Portrait Package D. Using a new system on the Ostrich Cot, Greenwood Ovation is the FIRST conceptual portrait I have completed at the 16" x 20" dimensions.

This week I started my first 16"x20" commissioned mixed-media conceptual portrait. It is going to be a combination drawing, a personal portrait and much-loved, 'heirloom' porch attached to what was once the patron's grandmother's house. Follow this "Porch-trait" in progress on the Studio Facebook page.

Corralling my Creative Cohorts
SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day is March 29th. I have begun plans for a local 2015 SWAN Day Event. On my Facebook page I am leaving the March 22nd SWAN Day Planning Party Event open for suggestions for 2015. From March 22nd-29th I will be posting news and updates about SWAN Day Events occurring around the nation this year. 

Managing the Moolah
I have completed two Grant applications and finally completed my Hatchfund Profile. I am currently in the process of completing the project proposal and working with the team of fundraising advisors at Hatchfund. This funding stream will help finance Arachnoiditis Survivor, the Portrait series component of Living With Arachnoiditis: An Art, Adaptability, and Empowerment Project that I launched on March 20th. The video challenge has also helped prepare me for the video portion of project promotions. (Recording will begin as soon as I recover from this bronchitis-like creeping crud that has taken over my body and my life for the last ten days.)

As I build up steam for 2014 and regain my studio focus, in addition to the ones mentioned above, I want to make note of the resources that are helping me move forward.
Fresh Rag ~ Dave Conroy
The Abundant Artist~Corey Huff
Launch Grow Joy~ Andrea Ayers
The Thriving Artist Summit~ Bonnie Glendinning
Artists Who Thrive~ Ann Rea & her Make Money Making Art presentation on 
Creative Live
Role of Audience and Commerce in Art
Uber Live ~Chase Jarvis
Casey Zeman Online  Blog “talk about the best engagement strategies designed to help you and your business build a thriving online community fast!” and his  Video Marketing strategies (which I will be tapping into as the video marketing efforts increase)
The Art World Demystified~ Brainard Carey
Art Licensing Blog ~Tara Reed
My Inspiration  playlist on youtube

NOW THE BIG CHALLENGE!!! I have to continue to APPLY all of this input. 

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