Monday, March 10, 2014

Ending Week 5: Creative Cohorts

Working on identifying Creative Cohorts during Week 5 of the Right Brain Business Plan eCourse. I decided to combine it with the work I was doing on my Values Card:"Community" 
The focal idea of the collage is that: civic engagement, community interaction, and networking will get me off of the proverbial couch and out of the creative desert. Collaborative efforts will erupt into new profitable endeavors.
{I don't own a couch and I live in the currently frozen tundra of Upstate New York.} 

This will be posted so that I can add to the Creative Cohorts map as it develops. 
Please not the "wishes" growing out of the trash can. 

It has been a very busy, connectivity-based week for me. 
As the RBBP cohorts know, I am maintaining activity on the FB group and reached out to other RBBP members for help with marketing ideas and sales opportunities as they relate to my "Getting the Word Out" goals. 

As I worked through my helping hands wish list, I discovered that I HATE trying to find ways to sell my work and hope that in the future I will be able to collaborate with or hire somebody to do this for me. I also clarified some of the physical aspects of running the studio that I should begin to delegate to other, more able-bodied people. [This will permit me to save my vertical time and physical efforts for making art and doing physical therapy specific activities.]

The inner circle of my Creative Cohorts Map consists of myself and Brian. I met him in August of 2010. He is my main cheerleader and  a musician, and visual artist in his own right, as well as a gourmet chef who works twelve hour days as a Baking Production and Management instructor at a local college during the school year. He handles nutrition and dietary issues related to my spinal cord injury. He provides valuable, creative constructive criticism on works in progress when I ask for it. One of the things I love about him most is his ability to help me when I need it without making me feel helpless. He is able to be sympathetic and empathetic while quietly re-directing me away from maudlin moments. We lift each other up without forgetting our need to be down. 

The light glowing beside us represents "us" and the fabulousness of my children. 

The circumference of the circle is made up of the friends and family members who provide the transportation I need to participate in the world. They keep me physically connected. 

During week 5  
Although I was leaning towards giving up on it...I Pushed myself not to give up on outreach to local creative cohorts and Pumped up the advertising on my Support Women Artists Now local Event. I extended the RSVP date to March 11th and posted fliers at the photo show and around town and posted reminders on FB pages of local businesses and art organizations. 

Attended and participated in the Wellsville Art Association Annual Photography Show and Opening Reception. Elan #2 won first place in its category. While helping take entries several days before the reception, I got re-acquainted with a younger member of WAA. Connected her with grant opportunities and she provided me with a lovely Hoya plant and transportation back to my studio after the reception.

Established new Strategic Alliances with:
The Prickers  a local band that has given me permission to include their music on a sample Video for a Conceptual Portrait in progress. (I will be using this video to show patrons what they receive on the DVD that is included with Conceptual Portrait Package D. )

Reached out to find New Business Mentors:

ACCORD Corporation Business Services where I completed the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program and my first professional business plan for my studio (2010). Hoping to get some guidance on local marketing and networking opportunities.

Branding, Marketing, and PR for Artists listened to this class and signed up for teleconference/coaching call with Bonnie on Wed. March 12th.

Making Money Making Art with Ann Rea
at Creative Live for tips on marketing my art

Small Business Administration 
for business mentoring

Veterans' Business Outreach Center  
for business mentoring and counseling about accommodations in self-employment for disabled Veterans

Attended a wonderful exhibit, Re-Presenting Representation VIII, at Arnot Art Museum in Elmira NY. While there obtained entry information for the upcoming Juried Show. 
74th Regional Exhibition 

20 June - 9 August 2014

Artists from the Northeast are invited to enter the juried exhibition, which presents over $10,000 in prizes. Click the link below in NEWS & NOTES for your copy of the Call for Entries and an Entry Form.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 4pm, 25 April 2014

Continued with the 15 Day Zero to Video Hero video challenge 
with Holly Sugrue
Day 4: Inspiration
Day 5: Self Appreciation 
Day 6:Gratitude
Day 7:Check In with Holly
Day 8: Eventful
Day 9: Accomplishments

Connected with fellow arachnoiditis survivors (part of my nurture huddle and mentor group for "recovery") via Week5 tangent videos
Trigger Point Injections
Coping With Arachnoiditis: Unexpected Outcomes of Accommodations
Living With Arachnoiditis:Coping with Obliterated Cervical Lordosis
Confirmed Geographical participation in: Living With Arachnoiditis: An Art & Empowerment Project my 2014 Art Grant proposal project submitted to Creative Capital and Photocrati so far...

With the exception of the actual Elmira Museum Visit and wonderful dinner at Three Birds Restaurant in Corning, NY; most of this (even the riding time) was done while being horizontal. So, Saturday night we were able to connect with local friends at a Mardi-Gras themed fundraiser to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. [We support this organization because Brian's youngest niece has juvenile diabetes which she developed at age 4.]

I guess hibernation is over. 

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