Monday, March 3, 2014

Something to believe in...

Just when I needed Something to Believe In about this effort to have a self-sustaining art studio. It wasn't three minutes after I posted about my worries, the OneFive4 notification about Katie O'Hagen came into my Newsfeed on Facebook.

cover for MY 10 point profile 
opp at OneFive4 Dec. 2013
 This week, one of my favorite painters is also being featured at OneFive4...feels a lot like that time my sister got published next to a piece by Stephen King...

Katie O'Hagen's  10 Point Profile
 The imagery in her paintings just resounds in my head...find out more about Katie's work.

It seems uncanny that a year ago, practically to the day, I was talking about how much I admired her work and how I felt about it.

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