Monday, March 3, 2014

Follow Up: Closing Week 4

Moola Map, Getting the Word Out, and Studio Values:
Following up on some of my goals and objectives for the Right Brain Business Plan (RBBP) e-course

Values "Cards"  
I have been struggling with collaging these concepts...partially because they were just too big for the card... Also because the resources available to me are mainly text. In any case I wanted to point out the image in upper margin of the Adaptability card. If you zoom in you will see that it is a Yin/Yan symbol divided by a spinal column. I found this photo in a copy of Architectural Record of all places. It is logo carpet.The timing was perfectly bizarre. Using the few magazines that I had, I was on a quest for the perfect image...some way to visually represent (in a collage) the significance of adaptability here. 
custom logo Carpet
for Crane Creek Medical Center Melbourne, Florida
by Amtico International


Managing the Moola
The Friday challenge was to set a specific income goal for this week. Then take steps to make that happen. 
Coincidentally, I received a call from a potential customer Friday afternoon. She has been intending to have a conceptual portrait done for some time now. We have not revisited this project since reviewing some preliminary sketches last summer. She has decided on the size that she wants and has clarified her intentions to impose a portrait of herself over a portrait of her porch. The $200 payment on this commission is supposed to arrive this week.

A portion of this payment is a contribution to the purchase of a studio microphone that will also be used (at a later date-when I have 'mastered' the video monster) to post video broadcasts for BOFA.

This week, I am still seeking new orders from NEW patrons.

"Gettting the word out" goals 
This weekend I began the 15 Day Zero to Hero Video Challenge [the March 2014 version of the 30 Day Challenge with Holly Sugrue]. 
Day 1: Introductions
Day 2: Goals
Day 3: Quotespiration

In addition to posting new package options and studio offerings, last week I posted two portrait-in-progress videos about the Conceptual Portrait, Greenwood Ovation. Forced to concede to the tech powers that be, these videos have Youtube music in the background instead of the narration that I had originally intended. My nephew was generous enough to loan me his headset yesterday. I am hoping to add the desired narration and will post those updates. 
Greenwood Ovation:Shadows (with music only)
Greenwood Ovation: Guitar Pick Details (with music only)

Without the proper equipment, it has been quite frustrating to attempt to use video as a means to communicate concepts, ideas, and offerings. I am trying out some different options during these two challenging classes. Hopefully, upon completion my Youtube channel will be a successful means to broadcast my WORK and my studio message. 

Moola Map

In an effort not to duplicate the way that I spend my time, I decided to wait to do this while I was paying monthly expenses. The "moola out" items in yellow are things with very limited flexibility. The ones in pink are expenses that I may be able to reduce this year. 
Not much in the guaranteed "moola in" category.
However, I did include new items with earning potential as well as the Barter For Art system (underneath the moola map) as opportunities for in-coming moola/compensation. 

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