Saturday, March 2, 2013

Art As a Life Raft

Life Raft ~Katie O'Hagen

Still Standing (Frame 6) ~slk
I recently had the good fortune to read about this wonderful portrait artist, Katie O'Hagen, in Artists  Magazine (April 2013 Preview).
Her realization that her "art emerged as the only thing keeping my head above water," resounded with me as I have often found that my art is a place of refuge and renewal when everything else in my life seems to be shifting beyond my control.
Her painting, "Life Raft" captures the feeling that art is maintaining life while acknowledging that both are always a work in progress. 

In Frame 6 of Still Standing I am attempting to express the fundamental powers of the desire to create. Art moves me to survive the worst of the things life has thrown at me over the years. It provides me with the language necessary to accept and overcome those events and circumstances which threaten to overwhelm me. It gives me a voice to influence change. As I work through the process of making, art gives me the wisdom to identify that which I can control and the serenity to accept the things I cannot. Although the clock may move at fluctuating speeds, art inevitably gives me the courage to move forward. 

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