Monday, March 25, 2013

After All Tomorrow is Another Day

Busy, busy, busy chasing my tail...It seems each step forward has a half step back.
Thankfully,  I managed to get a ride to have August Rising framed today. Knowing that any excursions into the wildermist of the wintry end of spring has the potential to shut down all operations, I venture out anyway.
Framer-recommended-by-my-sister is attempting to work some timing miracles for me on short notice. I appreciate her empathy for my explorations of new dimensions. Did I mention how thankful I was for the ride to get there???

The Wellsville Art Association Annual Photography Show has come to a close. Elementals, Only So An Hour, and Teasel returned home to the studio today. (Original framed prints are still available for purchase $48.60, $38.50...on the off-chance anyone reading this might be interested in buying them.)
As I work on the composition for my paintings and drawings I tend to utilize a compilation of assorted reference images. Quite often I print these images...then I cut, paste, and tape them to the wall on another paper until they are in the "right" spot.  I ran out of printer ink last week. Ordered more. It arrived today just as I sat down to paint. Whew! But wait, "this cartridge looks strange," I thought. "I don't remember it being this wide." .....

So forty-five minutes later, return authorization confirmed, a new CORRECT cartridge is ordered and will arrive sometime between the 29th and the 2nd.
Must paint. Time to improvise. Several surge protectors and a flash drive later my lap top is precariously perched on top of my drafting table as I attempt to map out the pattern of the squares in the first balloon. Enya attempts to comfort me in the background. We manage some small progress.
However, just as out of place and uncomfortable as I was, my lap top decides that this perpetual display is a bit more than it intended to do today. The task manager freezes the screen. (For the sake of the post let's pretend that this glitch has nothing to do with the fact that the poor thing crashed yesterday and barely missed the proverbial trash heap. Thanks to the security system that managed to quarantine the flesh eating virus threatening my livelihood I was at least to take a few restorative measures.)

The remarkably typical not-what-spring-looks-like-in-the-commercials weather has been poking at me all day. Realizing that I am not doing an awesome job summoning the muses in this environment, I call it a day. A little spot of daylight on the freezing sun porch assists with the documentary photo from today's less-than-phenomenal studio session.

As I complete this post I am attempting to stifle the battle between my dishes, my laundry, and my bed.
Thankfully, today only happens once...and tomorrow will hopefully restore the scotoma which so generously permits me to pretend that I am not trying to run a business without a vehicle in the rural wintry regions of Up-State New York.

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