Monday, April 7, 2014

April 2014 Moving into Week 2

"Porch~trait" in progress April 6th 
Painting In Progress April 5th
My April plan is off to a promising but, somewhat shaky, start. 
Better planning for better daylight to take the pictures is definitely a requirement. Finished today's session but ran out of daylight to document it. I am hoping for some decent light in the morning so I can get caught up on these posts. 

I am determined to Spring forward regardless of the weather. 

I met with a journalist from our local paper today to discuss the Arachnoiditis Survivor project that launched on March 20th. The story is going to be in the paper tomorrow. This project is going to require as much good PR as I can get. I am fairly certain I have exhausted every Social Media Link option that I have and now it is time to spread the word in the real world. 

I am still learning how to be concise in my message. This particular topic seems to often inspire such tangents that it is really a challenge NOT to get up on my soap box and start rambling about the history of it all. It is with much trepidation that I await the release of the morning paper. 

During the interview I had Old Dog in the bedroom with Last Cat. His incessant whining made it sound like he was being tortured. Afterward, I went in to see what was wrong.  Purring ever-so-loudly, in his sleep, was Last Cat, curled up in a cozy ball at the center of Old Dog's blanket. Old Dog looked up at me, raised his eyebrows and I could have sworn he said, "See, I told you he does THAT all of the time!" 

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