Wednesday, April 23, 2014

30.4.30? ...because I CAN.

30.30.30 has officially evolved into something else entirely. 
Unlike the 30.30.30 of November 2012, it resembles more of 30.4.30 kind of thing. Thirty days, four projects, thirty minutes each day. 
As a result of this evolution:
I was inspired to create Wishes

The "Porch~trait" is now complete and ready for pick up. The painting, Panama, is also complete and retrieved from the Seven Counties Show along with its cohorts, Greenwood Ovation and Confronting Ambivalence. The last of which has found an appropriate home on the wall next to my inversion table. I no longer spend my inverted time contemplating why I feel compelled to perceive an inverted image in its original form. I simply get to enjoy an alternate view of this intentionally open-ended image. 
It is an unexpected relief. 

A Peek Review of my website usability inspired some upgrades and new learning about the needs of viewers visiting art pages. Hopefully, it is now a more user friendly experience. 

I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Gimp to my main PC and am attempting to learn how to use it to design my own collage images for my cover pages as well as, new digital images to showcase posters which combine my photography and poetry. With this technology I will be able to create a digital file that can be easily displayed as a website image in the studio SHOP. This will permit the piece to be printed-on-demand or made-to-order instead of being pre-printed and stockpiled in the studio. 

The fundraising campaign for the Arachnoiditis Survivor Project continues to challenge my networking abilities.

The Bonzai trees are safely tucked in, yet again, as we had snow flurries this morning. Following yesterday's rendition of Let It Grow, Only Grandson's sunflower seeds from the Easter Bunny are safely tucked in their peat pots inside of their plastic-cake-box-terrarium on the studio sun porch. 

The 15 day writing challenge stalled out on Day 2. Out of respect for the wishes of the host, I am not using the project as inspiration for my blog-posts. I elected to see this as a sign that perhaps THIS month is not the time to do this particular project. I do intend to re-visit this idea at a later date. 

As Day 23 comes to a close, I look forward to an all-new-project for an all-new, spontaneous 30 minutes on Day 24. 

In answer to Only Grandson's unexpected question, "Grandma, why do you work here?" I have to say, "because I can."

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