Thursday, July 27, 2017

August Approacheth

"DNR #CancerSucks"
August 2017~ (12" x 12" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas) will be on display during the Belfast Organization for Artists Annual Art Show at the Belfast Public Library in Belfast NY.

My Quarterly Newsletter tells more about upcoming studio events and my work that will be out and about in the world in August.

Wild Pantry ~ Weather or Not
In case you missed it, my Wild Pantry project includes photography, paintings, and illustrations about the indigenous and home grown plants from my Wellness Garden at the studio.  Rain or Shine I am creating Wild Pantry Art


I don't know if we have broken any climate/weather records but, it has certainly been the wettest July I have seen in UpState NY in quite some time. I know that we need the water...and considering the drought conditions of previous years...I don't really dare complain but, I have to admit that the wet is having an impact on my ability to safely harvest some of the plants I would like to use. There won't be much surplus on some things this year but, I will be keeping others available for local pick up while supplies last. 
This month my Tinctures have been much more successful than my attempts to air-dry anything. My small dehydrator has been running over time to accommodate my own personal medicinal needs. 
Evening Primrose Root and St. John's Wort seem to be doing well and the tinctures should be ready by the end of August. 

As it is not raining at the moment; I am heading outside to address the Japanese Beetle Battle and do some damage control over the powdery mildew beginning to threaten the squash in the front garden. 

Hoping to post more about a positive outcome of these adventures soon! 

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