Monday, May 1, 2017


For my own Wellness; I am off-line this week. 

Glad to be participating in SCREEN FREE Week again this year and looking forward to some quality off-line time to disconnect from electronics and reconnect to my studio and garden. 

The studio will still be open during scheduled hours and visits are available by appointment. You may wish to call to leave a message at the studio as I won't be responding to emails and online messages as rapidly as I usually do. 

Doing this has become a seasonal tradition for me. I am noticing that it is a perfect way for me to intentionally shift out of the reclusive "virtually participatory" habits of winter. 

This year I am also starting it with the intention of establishing a more maker-friendly schedule to give me more time to make the tangible creations. My virtual creations and content satisfy one aspect of my need for creativity but, my hands are itching to feel the making in real time. 

My Patrons make it possible for me to unplug and make art. 
When I get ready to share the results of this Screen -Free- Stuff- Making -Magic on May 8th and the rest of the month, Patrons will be the first to see it! 

~Wishing all of you a low pain week blessed with passion-worthy inspirational moments. #screenfreeweek

Find out more about Screen Free week at

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