Saturday, October 12, 2013

Myself the Studio Elf

Seven Days and Ten Hours Left to be ready for The Allegany Artisans Studio Tours.

In my first year as a member of the Artisans I am making many changes in my studio space to make it ready for public access. I suppose (and hope) that the more frequently you do this, the less prep and adjustment you have to do. I understand that each artist would want to accommodate the supply and demand associated with the anticipated increase in studio traffic. Ideally though,  wouldn't a daily practicing artist eventually just open the studio as it is while it is in use?
I am not sure if the other Artisans are conducting business as usual in their studios or if they, too are working long days and later evenings (NIGHTS) to prepare for this public event. 

I have this image in my mind of all us ...well the ones I have met so far...wearing horizontally-striped socks, pointy boots, and stocking hats (and the rest of our clothes) as we brush, twist, turn, scrape, pound, mold, etch, glaze, melt, pour, polish, stitch, print, cut, paste, sodder, frame, check, re-check, display, and repeat.  Unlike the gadgets & gizmos and whozits & whatsits made by the elves, most of our work probably does not have a pre-determined destination. As I excitedly designate a space for each studio offering (sacrifice), the thought crosses my mind that by the end of the month "that one" might not be sitting there anymore. Some work takes months, or longer to finish, it becomes a part of your space and a part of your environment. I think as an artist, if you want to make any kind of living doing this, you have to be prepared to rearrange your environment on MANY levels. There are items here that it would be difficult to part with but, I remind myself that each piece was created with the intention of sharing it with other people. I have had to remind myself not to borrow trouble by imagining the impression the item will leave behind but, to focus on the impression it will take with it when it goes.
 I finished painting the porch just before the rain began. Wind from speeding trucks not-withstanding, my sign is up...most of the time.

I remember four or five years ago when I first started to consider participating in the tour, I was asked how I would paint enough pictures to make it worth while for the patrons AND myself. I am looking at this first year of participation as an educational experience to gain an understanding of what people are looking for when they stop in to a studio this way. 
All items sold in my studio are made using my original art.

 SheilaLynnK Art studio (A Fine Art Connection) 2013 Offerings Include: 
A diverse price range on all items = 25 cents to $450
Note Cards, Post Cards, Poster Prints, Coloring Books and some of the original pieces used to create these reproductions.
This year I will be doing a studio clearance sale during the tour. This sale will include a large assortment of small prints and miniatures reproduced from original studio art. These will range in price from 25 cents to 5 dollars each.
Order forms for items NOT in stock in the studio are available.
If you are interested in scheduling a commission consultation appointment ($40) you may do so at this time.

If you have visited my studio, I would love to hear about what items you felt were successful, which ones you felt didn't work for this venue, and what you might like to see that wasn't here this time. Please leave your comments below.

Make sure you enter your name in this year's Raffle. Entry  Forms are available in each studio.

Art; a step in the right direction.

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