Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 30~ Oh The Thinks You Will Know!

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" ~ Dr. Seuss (Brainy Quotes)
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In the end, the imagery in this drawing just seemed inherently Dr. Seuss-esque. It was not intentional but, I did find the resemblence comforting.
The end of this thirty-day commitment seems to be just the beginning. I am intrigued to learn what, if anything, it means when certain colors interrupt others. Are there parallels between color relationships and human relationships?

Is the Mandala a Magic Mirror that heals with its revelations? Like the mirror, are they a tool to connect us to humanity?

Without any premeditated determinations, this one gives the impression of a spiral and a mandorla, positioned as an eye, taking up the same space. Why?  All of which are juxtaposed in a manner which creates a basic landscape instead of a specific pattern or shape as the previous ones had done. Why?

Of the magenta, Fincher says, "I have seen it in the mandalas of women who are establishing autonomy, identifying a vocation, and enlarging their world view. These women are taking action while staying grounded in their true femine nature."
She goes on to define the positive vs. negative aspects;
 motivation,focus, and liveliness
vs. impatience, egotism, or a loss of focus in excess emotionality respectively.
Is it just conincidence, then, that this is the central color choice which dominates this drawing?

Considering that, just hours before doing this drawing, I had an uncharacteristic emotional meltdown in the privacy of my home in response to my current ambitious efforts toward "autonomy, identifying a vocation, and enlarging my world view," I am inclined to think there may be some merit to these well-established symbolic associations.

The more I know, the more I think.

Even now, as I revisit the image above this post, I am somehow reassured by the observation that the area below the spiral/eye is made up of relatively consistent, unwavering, layers of earthy-tones...perhaps a representation of solid ground? A form of validation that, in spite of the oppositional relationship between arachnoiditis and autonomy, my ambitions are just and well-supported by my life's work to date? I will need to review the on-line resources from this series of work and text references at hand to make the determination whether this is a legitimate assessment. In the mean-time, the making and the looking have comforted me greatly on this difficult day.

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