Sunday, March 27, 2016

Busy Days without "Busy-Ness"

SWAN Days Allegany County NY Art Show
and Sale Opening Reception  Album

SWAN Days Allegany County NY Activities
Apparently still unable to limit myself to the simplicity of One Task at a Time; This "event" became a combination of a series of Events which are teaching me so much about my aptitudes, abilities, and limitations.

An interesting side effect, as I am discovering what local interests are supported by these events, is that I am also accidentally assessing my own interests.  Although it may not be the easiest, most efficient, and stress-free way to do it; this is definitely one way to isolate what really "lights me up".  What type of public interaction and community activities feed my creativity and What type of actions accommodate my "limitations" are important factors in determining the ways in which I function best in the world. 
This is a crash course in the area of self discovery. 

AND.... The gallery is FINALLY open! 
It has been wonderful to have work by other local women artists on the walls here. Entrusted with this diverse collection of works; I am treated to the privilege of their creative light inside of my bubble. 
The SWAN Day Show will be Open to the Public right here in MY gallery (woohoo! happy dance!) until April 1st. Awards will be announced at 6pm and the art work will be picked up by April 2nd. 

On March 19th I also hosted my first Creative Wellness Circle at the studio. This was such an uplifting and healing experience. I will be doing another one on April 7th. There are no pre-requisites. The Circle is FREE to any women who would like to join our quest for Wellness and Unity. 
I am new to the SisterCircle Facilitator role. For now, I will be trying out the model presented by the Global Sisterhood at UNIFY. From Holistic and Alternative Practices combined with my own  Creative Wellness Activities and Meditation; it is my hope that this method will facilitate the development of a circle that helps each participant find a path to Wellness which best serves her needs.
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in the First Creative Wellness Circle Received a complimentary copy of my Wellness Meditation Coloring Pages (15pg pdf)
On Sale NOW to benefit 
Charitable Art Projects at SheilaLynnK Art Studio 
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Gifted with a wonderful performance by
 Lucius at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland Ohio... Performing songs from their new album, Good Grief. 

March Madness = Gladness

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