Tuesday, May 19, 2015



My oldest daughter just completed her Bachelors' Degree at Alfred University. I am so proud of her. My youngest daughter is visiting for this occasion and then they are both off to new adventures in the big city. 

My Grandson, just lost his first baby-tooth-from-natural-causes. He lost the first two when he fell off his bike at age 3. Hopefully, this means he will have some "big-boy" teeth to fill up the space later.  He says he wants to be a under-cover detective, an artist, a chef, and a gardener when he grows up. He recently brought over a bean sprout he had been growing at school so that it could be added to our garden here.  At the grad party/picnic, he informed his 17 month-old cousin, "This is my bean stalk. When it gets bigger we can climb it!" There was lots of adorable cousin-love happening but, out of respect for their child-time privacy, I will refrain from posting the proud-over-indulgent-Grandma photo collection here. 

Surviving a late-Spring 31 degree night and Freeze-watch, with lots of plastic and bed sheets, my wild edibles garden is now looking lush and promising for the new season. 


The First Survivors' Exhibit at the Fountain Arts Center closed on May 8th.  Eighteen pieces have been selected to be a part of the Artist Among Us Travelling Art Exhibit in Upstate New York. Schedule and Locations TBA. Making space amidst the "I'm-home-from-college-can't-carry-all-my-stuff-on-the-bus"-hooplah happenings to store the remaining pieces until the Second Survivors' Exhibit. 

Still Standing, Sometimes Part 1~Permanent Spinal Arachnoiditis as Consequential Medical Harm ; NYS Injured Worker appeals for Accountability 
Is an independent Art For Arachnoiditis Project Publication. 

Part 1 includes case history, facts, resources, references, and replicas of documents presented to the New York State Workers' Compensation Board and the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court pertaining to this uncompensated, preventable medical injury, consequential spinal adhesive arachnoiditis in the lumbar and thoracic spine, which occurred during treatment for an established work-related knee injury. 

Published to: provide a creative release about the current accepted average standard of care, the importance of Patients' Rights, and the current accepted practice regarding "Informed Consent" in the United States as consequential medical injuries continue to occur. 

FUND THIS Your tax-deductible contribution provides funding forindependent publications of written works by Arachnoiditis Survivors and other forms of Creative Expression by Survivors. With your help we promote Healing through the Arts and Arachnoiditis Awareness & Prevention. Thank you for your support

More about Still Standing, Sometimes Part 1

Arachnoiditis Survivors Song Search 
The Spinal Arachnoiditis Survivors need an Inspirational Song. 

Beginning August 30, 2015
Spinal Arachnoiditis Survivors, Singers, Poets, Musicians, Songwriters, ANYONE interested in inspiring Survivors with music may submit ONE entry.

After the close of the Call For Entries, Survivors will vote for the favorite entry. The winner will be notified via contact information on the registration form, then, announced on Social Media.

The song will then be licensed for project use for the duration of The Art For Arachnoiditis Project. The creator will be noted publicly whenever possible (sometimes text limitations in social media platforms make this difficult, however the artists name will be listed with any video production utilizing his/her work) and maintain all ownership and copyrights to the original work. 
The winner receives $35 and assistance (if needed) with submitting the copyright application for the song. 

How will we use this music? Use may include but, not limited to.....

"Music is a great addition to works in progress videos from SheilaLynnK Art Studio like Arachnoiditis Survivor Portraits and tough times when we just need a little creative incentive to keep moving through our day...to never give up. Pain can really make us question the value of the day. The Arts, Including Music, help us to cope with the obstacles presented by Living With Arachnoiditis. Music can open the door to grace when we are confined within the walls of pain." ~slk

Please share this song search.


Making Art is my way of Releasing Love into the World. 
[Due to the creative nature and obligations of my Art For Arachnoiditis Project, I will average 1 or 2 RELEASES here per month.] 

As a subscribing Patron, Exclusive Activity (for which you will NOT be charged) including written works, images, and video will be posted for you in between those Releases. 
With each Release; I am Empowered.
So are YOU.

NEW When you Subscribe at the $10 Level Loving the LOVE! Empowering the Art! Thank You! You'll get all of the goods from the $1,$3,And $5 levels plus access to a weekly Portfolio Printable from the SheilaLynnK Art Studio SHOP, behind the scenes videos from SheilaLynnK Art Studio including New Project previews, Works-in-Progress, Quests for Inspiration, Links to the Music that Matters in the Moment, Adaptive Art Activities, and anything else the Muses Might Muster.

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