Monday, May 4, 2015

Going To Extremes

From posting daily for Thirty, Thirty, Thirty in April to going Screen Free this week will be a big adjustment!

Sunday getting ready... 
all day yard clean up and re-locating escaped strawberry plants, nettles, fresh dandelion greens, and other findings...That Night mini Bonfire with the full moon.

Neglected house chores
Wellsville Community Garden Project Village Clean Up (April B~Arter Bucks for Participants extended to May 4th)

Prepping my back deck for fresh paint

Rain is in the forecast. So, planning to draw portraits that day. ...and maybe make a little un-scheduled impulsive, spontaneous art, too! 

Wednesday - Friday
More Outdoors! 

Saturday - Sunday
Annual Mothers' Day Planting tradition with my grandson

Some Ideas of the Week
Food Under Foot Shares, 11 Ways to get out and enjoy nature. 
Ideas pdf from Screen-free and More 

I also need to paint the post on my re-purposed Satellite Dish Bird station...and maybe raise the bird feeder up a little bit higher...the birds seem a little bit afraid to use it now...or maybe they don't like this bird seed?  

In any case, I am sure I will find plenty of stuff to do! 

Signing off until May 11th! 

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