Sunday, December 14, 2014

Keeping Art Affordable at SheilaLynnK Art Studio


Studio fans and followers can now earn B-Arter Bucks to use toward the purchase of in-stock studio items and commissioned projects. 

Several times a month, activities will be posted here and on the Studio Facebook Page telling how you can earn them. 
Sample Opportunities for Earning B-Arter Bucks
You may be asked to do some of these things (and others as I think of them) to earn your B-Arter Bucks.

  • Comment, share or in some way participate in a studio conversation or question here on the blog or on facebook.
  • Spread the word about a studio event or activity and post a link or photo of real-time action in the comments to show how you passed it on.
  • Deliver items to the studio that will be re-purposed for an art activity
  • Contribute in-kind services to a not-for-profit or community action activity (which may or may NOT be hosted by the studio)...and show us in a link or a photo how you participated in your community.
  • Bring the arts (any kind) to somebody in your community and share it with us   
  • Exchange something from the studio Barter For Art list for B-Arter Bucks 
The B-Arter Bucks value of these activities will fluctuate with the effort involved in making that happen. 

There will be an assortment of earning opportunities that apply to both Local and On-line studio patrons. Due to the logistical benefits of geographic proximity, these benefits may NOT always match. 

Each earning event will result in receipt of a B-Arter Bucks ID# upon completion of the task. Be sure to save this number as it will be the only way to document your eligibility. 

You do NOT have to be a Facebook subscriber to receive these options. Following this blog will give you the same opportunities. However, you may miss instructions, opportunities, and B-Arter Bucks ID#s if you are NOT subscribed to the blog. B-Arter Bucks ID#s will often be delivered via email. 

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