Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Muse?

 The Wellsville Art Association Annual Member Show 2012
Memorial Portrait #3 First Place Professional Portrait
Youngest Nephew #3  Second place Professional Portrait
Parody Lane Second Place Scenic Landscape

In February of this year I made the decision to draw birthday portraits for all of  my nieces and nephews. I have been working on Portraits all summer.  As those jobs were winding down I was inspired to draw a more colorful drawing of my youngest nephew. I wanted it to be similar to the innocent images found in coloring books. I wanted to express the way that children give color to life.
Satisfied with the finished work, I began to develop a composite mixed-media drawing incorporating candid photos of some of the children in my life.

It stalled out.

As autumn began Life and Death got in the way of any desire to create.
The much anticipated visit from my younger sister and her family was a cheerful distraction from my studio mission. Their presence magnetically pulled family members out of the woodwork. This visit was clouded by the unexpected death of a cherished Uncle.
Following his death and all of the emotions associated with that loss, I attempted to re-connect with family members I hadn't seen in years. Soon after that  I became consumed by apprehension about the Fungal Meningitis Outbreak . I was on a quest to find out if the meds I received on 9/26/2012 came from NECC, the corrupt Compounding Company that supplied similar medication to clinics around the country.
Because I have spinal adhesive arachnoiditis caused by a medical error in 2007, this concern produced a significant amount of fear and frustration.I began to express this in my sketchbook.
Although I am dealing with complications from the medication that was used, I am relieved to know that my pain management clinic does not do business with this company.

A new shipment of fresh canvas and new paint has inspired me to return to the studio. I have resumed work on this composite mixed-media drawing. These are the early layers of that image.

This work is intentionally colloquial with the intent to express a familiar feeling of youthful exuberance. 

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