Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We learned

On January 31st I got the call that my sister was in critical condition in a hospital 2 hours away. After spending days and nights with her until painfully saying goodbye on Feb 5th, I am home and trying to adjust to the landscape of this new reality. 

Things are currently quite surreal and exhausting and I can honestly say that I am not fit for much communication right now. 
"Without art the crudeness of reality would make life unbearable." ~George Bernard Shaw 
Because of this, I know I will return to art-making soon. But, it won't be today. 
Your patronage and patience are greatly appreciated. 
Shawntelle Kalkbrenner Santas Quiet Activists, Active Quietors, and Observers of the Human Condition; for forty seven years apart-but-together we learned about art, writing, life, motherhood, and death and all of the things that come between. We learned how to fuss, fight and argue with respect for each other and we learned the power of forgiveness. 
We learned the geography defying value of true friends and the timelessness of sisterhood. 
We learned that bees like us best when we just sit still and that bicycles are happiest when we just let go.
We learned that the power of the ocean runs deeper than blue lips and chattering teeth.
We learned that mud, dirt, and earth clean away the dark grime that tries to dust over the best things in life and that it's only safe to work at Burger King if you know how to skate (on grease).
We learned that Christmas Flower Arrangements require heavy gloves that are left behind for the sake of an artful arrangement and that plastic flowers just look Wrong.
From our Parents, together we watched and learned what marriage is meant to be and the true definition of an equal partnership and that playing hide-and-seek in the dark at night with a crap ton of family is the BEST way to play.
We learned to compromise without lowering our standards.
We learned that we must keep silent when Legos get stuck between naked Mom toes in the middle of the night.
We learned that being a good big sister means sharing what we learned without telling them what to do.
We learned that “You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.”~Steven King
We learned that tootsie rolls are not recommended for dental work and bubble gum makes an awful eye patch, "Pastries may be hot when heated" and "Candy Land is right off the map".
Flying over hay bails from the largest rope I ever saw; we learned that gravity is most real when we let it weigh us down...[and after we have boobs].
 We learned that, in addition to holding us tight when the world falls down and supporting our tire swing named "Fly"; trees' roots run deep but, still make the effort to figure out how to talk to each other and that though one Apple Tree may support your entire tree house; some Apple Trees DO NOT want to be climbed.
We learned our babies teach us more than anyone else can.
We learned how much we don't know and shared the questions.
We learned that words and images are powerful.
We learned that the things we learned alone were infused with wisdom when we brought them together.
We learned that wisdom is not handed down.
We learned that, when we let it; Love makes change not just bearable but valuable, brings order to chaos, and defies all things.
When we meet again, we will share the new things we've learned and celebrate the wisdom we've earned. 

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