Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What's Right to Write?

Written Revelations of an un-focused Creator

I have been subscribing to her writing wisdom for quite some time now. However, for the first time; 
I just finished Stella Orange's Shut-Up-And-Write-a-thon

My truth has been revealed. 
Lately, my feelings about writing/marketing ANY of my work have been cloudy at best. This is NOT because I never have anything to say. It's more likely because I usually have too many things to say about too many things. 
It's all over the place. I am all over the place. In ways that cannot be explained away by Mercury Retrograde alone; I am finding that it isn't only my writing that is all over the place but, ALL forms of my creative process and expression.   

Although it has been my "Word" since the beginning of the year, I seem to be fundamentally incapable of FOCUS. 

This All-Over-The-Place-NESS of mine has essentially stalled out a great deal of my regular sometimes-public-mostly-private-writing practice. Writing is ONE of the big magical tools I use to work through the BIG planning-creating-In-over-my-Head-stuff. 

I had to accept that when it came to the written word; my magic box was empty and my head was all tangled up in the wispy, fluffy genie veil that flew out of it and got stuck on my face every time the winds of change blew through my mind. 
Hence, my NEED for the Shut Up and Write-A-Thon. 
Amidst much personal and professional cray-cray; I chose to commit to doing it anyway. 

The veil was lifted. 
My Photo Post~Excerpt from Day 8~Read About THAT  here
My Post ~Day 9 
The most useful/helpful way to converse with my Mean Wolf is: A)To take a brain-step back to evaluate the origin of Negative Interference so that I can determine how much of it is Objective Guidance and how much of it is just the sound of Leftover Garbage reverberating against the crowded walls of my frozen mind. B) Write daily. Daily practice is slow to develop but I am working on it and using it to thaw things out. 
C) Just keep writing. Thanks for helping me to develop these 3 New Disciplines for myself.


  • Write every day. No matter what. 
  • Write what needs to be written NOW and worry about the audience (i.e. place to post or not to post) later.
  • Write selectively. Make a decision! Choose ONE of the topics and stick to it.
  • Write (and post) what IS Relevant to the CURRENT Creative Work I am doing. Everything gets muddled when I forget to take the left at Alburquerque and start following the Clowns to Left of Me and the Jokers to the Right. 
  • Write for Connection. I am Stuck in the Middle with YOU. Whoever YOU may be; WE are here Together. Even if the "Middle" happens to be the Very Center of A Bottom Margin some days; WE are here TOGETHER and that matters. 

 [Just a little Hocus- Pocus- for- Focus chant I have going in the back of my mind right now.]
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